Off and Running!

Aaannnd we’re off!!!  It was a bittersweet evening when we left the Flathead Valley.  I wanted to soak up every wildflower, every beautiful green field and take a photo in my memory of every vista so that it would last me until we return in nine months.  A fantastic adventure awaits, however, a deep love for the flathead remains forever in our hearts.

We headed down to Seeley Lake the first night and then the following morning, Bob, the solar guy, called and said he was ready for us on Monday.  We decided to spend the weekend up on King’s Hill Pass, a place that we had camped up hunting a few years ago.  This time the weather was EXCEPTIONALLY better than during hunting season when we arrived to 4″ of snow on the ground and whiteout conditions!  We were greeted by green fields, blooming lupines and lots of Montana sunshine.  I took a few pictures of some old abandoned homesteads which I find fascinating.


When then headed to  Roundup to have the long awaited solar system installed.  While not a great deal to post about the area, I did manage to find a really nice organic co-op garden using and found some free range organic eggs.  The most eventful thing that happened while we were there was Dakota was sniffing around a rock waterfall at Bob’s place and she went to get a drink out of the bird’s water bowl at the bottom of the waterfall.  Thankfully, I had her on a leash!  I noticed movement and a knee jerk reaction, I pulled back on her leash.  It was a rattlesnake, her little nose was maybe an inch from the snake and she tried to go after it.  If she hadn’t been on leash, things could have been much worse.  My heart was pumping!

The solar system is really fantastic and we’ve been 12 days without any need for a generator.  The four-legged children happily have their solar powered freezer stocked with food and running off the sun.


I have more posting to do as we are at a location where I have a wi-fi connection, so expect a few posts over the coming days.

John & Felicia

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    love it………quite the rig

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