The journey begins

In the 1920’s “Doc” Siegfriedt was a force of nature and from the time he arrived in this small Montana town he had a dream to connect this area to Yellowstone National Park.  Today, his dream is a reality and they call it the Highway to the Sky.  It’s 68 miles in length, climbs to 10,947 feet, there are 19 switchbacks and 20 lakes visible from the summit.  OH and it’s also been voted the #1 motorcycle road in the country (for all you Harley fans out there!)

I can only be talking about the infamous Beartooth Highway.

It begins in the quaint town of Red Lodge, MT.  The streets were lined with historic buildings, beautiful flower pots and the American Flag was flying high all the way down Main Street.


As you begin your ascent up the Beartooth you know you’re in for spectacular views around each turn, the mountains do not make a gentle climb but rise straight up from the valley below.  Several journalists from the early 1900’s called this area “little Switzerland” as the mountain ranges reminded them of the Swiss Alps from their homeland.


The climb continues and the guard rails seem to be the only thing guiding you on the road.  For those of us with a fear of heights, this is the worst part, however, someone like John just kept thinking what a great cycling road this would be!

John is the far braver soul among the two of us and he wanted to walk to the edge of a cliff to look at the ski lift that operates up there.  It’s powered by generator and it’s about a 40 degree angle, he thought.  The company that owns it supervises each skier and will not allow you up there unless you can prove you have advanced intermediate skiing or snowboarding capabilities.    He had a few other words for those willing to ski the drop off, buutt, we will leave that off of here 🙂

Once on top, we stopped to take in the view and came across a guy who rides with his dog across country on his Harley.  The dog has a specially designed seat with a buckle and he wears goggles.  We, of course, had to take a picture.

We headed over the top to Island Lake where we had a great picnic on the beach and took a hike with the dogs.  First things first, however, when you arrive anywhere near a lake with a golden retriever, he MUST play before anything else can happen!   Riley enjoyed a great swim while little Dakota waded along the shore.

We continued onto the Chief Joseph highway and the Sunlight Basin area.  The views were amazing!  I didn’t take any pictures simply because it was so hazy from fires in Wyoming that the pics would not have done it justice.  We will definitely be back to explore this area more.

We did however, make a stop at Beartooth Lake and then an unnamed waterfall caught our eye on the way back.

Quite the spectacular day!

There’s more to come

John & Felicia

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