A Very Special Place

How does one describe their favorite place?  I could tell you the history of the Ute Indians that once inhabited this land or the settlers that followed and their stories of hunting, trapping and living on this land.  I could tell you about the majestic mountains, beautiful clear lakes, countless hiking trails or abundant wildlife, however, it still would not do it justice.  There’s a very personal side as to why this is my favorite place.  My grandparents brought me up here from the time I was a little girl.  We caught countless fish from these lands and my grandfather and I hiked all of the trails.  When he was 75yrs old, we hiked to the top of  Dome Peak at 12,500ft.  He taught me how to fish the river and gave me a love for this area that has never left my soul.  in every direction I can see him, from the campgrounds where we stayed to the aspen trees on the trails where he helped me carve my name.  Even though he has passed, there is a piece of him that will live on in these high meadows forever more.

It has always been the rule that you don’t tell just anyone about this spot.  John didn’t find out about it until we were married and he instantly fell in love with it!

The first day we arrived, we were greeted by a very large bull moose.  I kept my distance, but I was able to get close enough to take a few shots.  He was beautiful!  (The picture is currently missing but i will post it as soon as I find it)

We will be staying here for at least a month as I want to share with John all of the hikes that my grandfather and I took over the years.  There will be several posts and ample pics of this beautiful area.  As long as the snow doesn’t force us out, we’ll be able to share the fall colors as the trees give way to shades of yellow and orange.

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One thought on “A Very Special Place

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Felicia – Quite a wonderful memory. It is good to relive it with John. Jeanette

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