Over the top


In all the years I’ve been coming to this area, I didn’t know that you could drive over the top of the flat tops.  We happened to stop by the ranger station & I saw a map for the road.  I’m so glad we found it since the drive was nothing short of spectacular!

It climbed into the high meadows and there were several lakes along the way.  We stopped at Vaughn Lake for a picnic & for Riley to play in the water.

As we continued, we came to Dunkley Pass which looked out across the valley to the other side of the mountains.

The road curved back down the valley again & we came across the Pyramid guard station which was built in the 1930’s.  It had been fully restored and is still used today.


Back up on top again, we made our way towards Trappers Lake.  It looks different today as the Fish Creek fire burnt 23,000 acres in 2002 but the lake & surrounding scenery is still amazing.

A close up view of the Chinese Wall gives a different perspective from when my grandfather & I hiked up the other side many years ago.

As we made our way back, it was great to see a part of this area that I didn’t know exsisted.

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One thought on “Over the top

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Hey John and Felicia — These wonderful accounts are always so great to read, and we are certain that Felicia’s past experiences are great to revisit. Love and hugs, Mom and Dad

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