A story in the trees

We started up my favorite trail & while we were walking, I was admiring the groves of aspens.   There are countless carvings on all of the aspen trees.  My imagination started to take hold and I began wondering about these carvings.  There are the ones that simply have a name, a person who just wanted to say– I was here.  I wondered if these people had ever been back?  What were they thinking as they hiked through these hills?

My favorites are the starry eyed lovers who carve their names and proclaim their love forever more.  I start thinking of how many are still together and if they’re not, did they return to this trail with another person and see their name carved?  Hmm, what would they think and what memories would it bring back?

The oldest carving we found was from 1972.  I wonder how things looked up here 40yrs ago?  How much has it changed or is it almost the same?

The most fascinating tree I found was this one


Wow!  This person was quite the artist

For all the trees I found, there is only one story I can be sure of:


Carved by a 14yr old girl & her grandfather on a beautiful summer day as they hiked up to one of their favorite lakes.  I never realized how special a simple carving in an aspen tree would become.  It becomes more obvious to me every day that the simple things in life are what you remember forever.

Now that the girl is grown, her husband decided we should continue the story, so on a the tree right next to the one above, begins a new chapter.


Carved on a gorgeous fall day while golden leaves carpeted the trail, I shared with John one of my favorite hikes to Mandall Lake.  We’ll have to come back and keep adding years to the tree.  The 24yrs between the two dates has been pretty amazing, I can’t imagine how wonderful the next 24yrs will be!

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