Mandall Lake

As I mentioned in the prior post, this is one of my favorite hikes.  We headed up on a cool fall afternoon.  ight from the beginning, we were greeted by amazing color in the aspens.  Their leaves carpeted the trail and the golden glow was beautiful!



We continued up the trail and the first mile is quite a bit of climbing so Ms Dakota needed a rest. At 13 1/2, we knew this hike would have mandatory rest stops for her, however, the view is so beautiful that enjoying it is part of the experience.



We continued on and came across a small pond.  John & Riley decided to go look for elk tracks, it is hunting season after all!


We then crossed Mandall Creek 3 times and the dogs are quickly becoming expert river dogs on this trip.  As the creek begins flowing down a small canyon, you know you’re close.


We were almost to the lake when we saw some very large prints in the mud.  It was a very large kitty which fortunately he passed long before we did!

Almost 3 miles later, we arrived.  The light wasn’t great for pics but I think you can still see how beautiful this lake is.



After arriving, the dogs played in the lake and then decided a nap in the afternoon sun was in order.  It looked so heavenly that joining them crossed my mind!


On the way back down, the evening light gave the perfect opportunity for some lovely pictures.



It was a fantastic hike and the lake was as beautiful as I remembered.  I also have to mention just how great Dakota did on this hike.  Its a pretty good climb and she did amazing.  Most would think that’s silly to say about a dog, however, she’s closing in on 14 which made this nearly 6 mile round trip hike a pretty big deal for her.  Riley of course, did great.  At 10 he’s as strong as ever. I think it must be their diet!
The following day, Dakota’s job was to do nothing but sleep!

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One thought on “Mandall Lake

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Felicia — You have surely outdone yourself with this photo display! What gorgeous pics! Love and Hugs, Jeanette

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