Oma’s Pride–Denver

Our time in Denver has come to an end, however, it was great to see family and friends.  We spent time with all of the nieces and nephews and my new nephew, Gavin was born while we were there.  A healthy baby boy 8lb 8oz and both mom and baby are doing well.

John taught Hayvin, Landyn and Zoey how to build a campfire and how to roast the “perfect” marshmallow.  They were quite fascinated by the fire and they laughed and danced around the campground.  The other little ones, Stefyn and Xavier were too little so they just watched the big kids.

Hayvin stayed 2 nights with us and every morning at 7am, you would hear little feet come up the hallway and then a whisper—“Uncle John, Aunt Felicia, can I come snuggle with you guys?”  Our queen bed then had the two of us, a five year old, a golden retriever and 2 kitties in it.  A bit crowded but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Zoey stayed in the living room with her dad and she enjoyed having the kitties crawl up on her bed.

We enjoyed several meals with friends and when we headed up to the North end of town to see John’s family, we had the opportunity for some of John’s longtime friends to stay with us and visit for a couple of days.  It was good to share old stories and memories.  In addition to friends, we spent a few nights with John’s family which was very nice.  We had a really nice dinner with one of their oldest family friends, Laurie Carino, which John had not seen since he was about 11yrs old.  I think he’s changed a bit since then!

During our time in each city that we visit, I get the opportunity to meet with the Oma’s Pride distributor so I make sure my four legged children’s freezer remains fully stocked with their food.

As I pulled up in her driveway, a very familiar scene unfolded.  Her garage was full of Oma’s boxes that were being sorted and stacked.  Since I was a distributor as well, I remember this scene.  I learned Bonnie Osgood’s story which I found fascinating as it was similar to mine.  After losing a consistent supplier, Bonnie went looking for product.  She came across Oma’s Pride at a dog show and as she said the rest is history 11 years later.  We discussed improvements that have been made over the years such as packaging and the vast selection that they carry.

If you live in the Denver area and you’re curious about raw feeding for your dogs or cats or if you live in any other part of the country, you can find an Oma’s distributor near you simply by logging on to and clicking on the Distributor tab.

We’re on to Telluride for a few weeks and lots of pictures will follow!

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One thought on “Oma’s Pride–Denver

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Hey John and Felicia — It was so wonderful to see you guys and to spend some time together. We also were happy to say hi to Dakota, Riley, Jasper and Kodiak. They seem to be great travelers. Have a great next several months, and see you in March. Love and Hugs, The Trebings.

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