SW Colorado & learning the ropes

After snow pushed us off of Lizard Head Pass, we spent the night in Dolores, CO.  It was late when we arrived and I began looking for a new spot for us to set up.  We wanted to stay below 9,000ft so I started with all of my usual resources, google earth, local maps, etc.  I was coming up empty as there was a great deal of private land in the area and the open areas were so steep that we wouldn’t be able to park. 

We decided to head over to Vallecito reservoir.  It was a pretty little lake and we were able to find an open campground.  We have 2 basic needs when we set up for an extended period of time.  First, we must have sufficient sun without any obstructions for several hour per day to run the solar.  Second, we have to have a reliable water source within a reasonable distance.  When we arrived at Vallecito, neither of these basics could be met.  We were buried in the trees & we spent an entire evening & the next day looking for water without success. 

We looked up some more maps & then turned to the internet for some guidance.  We came across a website that recommended an area north of Mancos.  We verified their info on google earth, packed up and headed out.  We were a little apprehensive but fortunately, it was well worth the extra days and extra driving.

We came across an area that neither of us had been too and there are numerous hiking trails back here set against the backdrop of the western San Juan mountains.  We’re close to Mesa Verde as well so we should have plenty of exploring to do. 

Here’s our spot for the next few weeks and there should be some great areas to post about.



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6 thoughts on “SW Colorado & learning the ropes

  1. I remember the Lake Vallecito bicycle ride! It was so beautiful!

    • John didn’t remember this ride when we went up there but he said that he does now. There was a large fire in there in 2002 so it all looks different now. He doesn’t remember which RTR it was, do you Scott?

  2. Jeanette Trebing

    Hey Guys A bit of stress and then a great spot. Are you near Jenna by chance? Love and Hugs, Mom

    • felicia

      Hi Jeanette, we are about 45min from Jenna. We left her a voice message about a week ago, however, we haven’t heard back yet. I’m sure she’s busy with her new job. Felicia

  3. Patti Forrest

    Wow Felicia – just sent you an email but now just found your blog. I hope my attempt to send you this message works. I was feeling hard done by because I was sitting in an RV campground in Vancouver in the pouring rain but you are in the wilds having trouble finding water!!!

    • Hi Patti, it’s so good to hear from you! Sitting in the pouring rain is never fun no matter where you are. We have decided that if trying to find water is the most stress we have, then we’re doing pretty good. I hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver once the rain clears up. Tell Bob hi and send our love to Hunny & Walker!

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