A Solar Project & Bear Claws

Those two themes just don’t seem to go together do they?  Well, technically, the don’t but I couldn’t figure out enough words for an entire post on the bear claws.  We took the dogs on a hike through one of the many aspen meadows & we came across two aspen trees with some very interesting markings.  At first, they just looked like scars on the tree but as we walked closer it became clear that these were bear claws.   It almost looked like he was stretching based on the height but the true story will never be known.  The marks are pretty amazing.




Now onto the solar project.  Many of you may not know us or you only know about a piece of who we are.  For those who do know us, then you already know we’re crazy! 

Back in Montana, we grew our vegetables, raised chicken for eggs, cut wood for winter heat and hunted deer and elk for meat.  Whatever food we did purchase, we try to buy organic products.  Since all of this can be costly, I learned to make just about everything from scratch to save on cost.

This included drying a lot of our items.  Granted, we’ve had to change things now that we’re on the road but we still cook from scratch which led me to this experiment.

I was reading about a lady who worked within the villages of southern Mexico.  She was looking for a simple, lightweight way to cook using the power of the sun.  It made me wonder if I had finally found a way to continue drying foods without using excessive amounts of propane since dehydrators just don’t work with solar.

I followed her instructions, after I made almond milk in the vita mix, I took the leftover meal and placed it on a tray, covered it and then assembled my solar oven.


The lady’s website said she reached temps of 350 degrees.  Obviously, she was in a much warmer climate than we are.  However, at 65 degrees outside, we reached a temp of 175 degrees.  It took two days but it was a success and in the end, we had almond meal flour.  Amazing what a simple device & some sun can do!



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2 thoughts on “A Solar Project & Bear Claws

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Wow! Lots of exciting stuff! Love and Hugs, Mom

  2. Rick & Claudia

    Only you guys could have figured this out….pretty cool…. good to hear from you last night.

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