Moab Utah

I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about coming to Utah.  I love mountains, streams and pine trees so the idea of coming to a place where trees are hard to come by and cactus line the ground just didn’t appeal to me.

Little did I know that I would find this area absolutely amazing!  As we arrived at the southern end of Moab, the rock formations began.  Each one was unique and the colors were stunning.  Some were a single color while others had multiple layers of different shades of red.

We stayed along the Colorado River the first night in the canyon.  The red walls were surrounding us and it was quite beautiful.

The next day we headed out to find a spot where we could set up for the next few weeks.  As we drove along, there were countless mesas, canyons, arches, and other rock formations along the highway.  We found an area near Dubinky Wells with a backdrop of the Lone Mesa.  This spot has fantastic views in all directions from vast open areas to canyons in the other direction that continue to the mountains in the distance.

We headed out the next day to do some exploring around the area.  We started out down the Dubinky wash and ended up at Jug Rock Flat.  We decided to explore the large rock and hiked up with the dogs looking at all of the detail up close.

As we were climbing around we came across a small cave carved out of the rock where a small animal made his nest.  In the sand you can see the small paw prints of the animal.

The dogs were learning to maneuver up on the rock hills and they’ve become quite good at it.

The other rocks were quite fascinating as well.  In addition, you can get an idea of how expansive it is out here.

 Yes, that’s our truck in the distance.

On our way back we found Hellroaring Canyon, little did I know this was only a small preview of the amazing canyons to come.

For our first day in the area, I thought it was breathtaking, little did I know i was in for much more incredible scenery in the days to come.


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