Like those before us, we decided to wander and explore this area.  As we began the drive into Canyonlands, I knew that I was in for something spectacular.  We began at the Shafer Canyon Overlook.  We walked out to the rock platform that overlooks the canyon and then sat under the trees for lunch.  While sitting there, John handed me a small seed that he picked up off the ground.  It looked very familiar to me so I cracked it open and there was a small nut inside.  I ate it and the taste reminded  me of something from my childhood.  It was a pinon nut and when I was a young girl, my grandparents used to take us to pick pinon nuts.  After talking about the nuts and looking for more in the pinecones of the trees we continued on and took some pictures of the canyon.  If you look closely, you can see the road that’s called the White Rim road and it follows 100 miles along the base of the entire park.

I just couldn’t resist a cute Dakota pic!


We continued on and then hiked up to Mesa Arch.  It was quite the view through the eye of the arch.

The next path took us to the Green River overlook, it was very hazy so the picture doesn’t really give you the grandeur of this area.  We’ll be heading back again during the morning hours to see if this helps the haze.

We then took a hike over to the Upheaval Dome.  Geologists are not completely sure how this happened, however, the main theory is that salt being less dense than rock formed a salt bubble and eventually rose up to the surface creating the salt domes.

We only had a chance to see about a quarter of the park so we will be coming back in the days to come.


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One thought on “Canyonlands

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Can there be anything more beautiful in our country than the Canyonlands? I’m jealous. Love and Hugs, Mom

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