Canyon Hiking

We have taken some spectacular hikes around the area and the canyons are just beautiful.  I thought I would share a couple of them with you.

The first is, BowKnot Bend.  This hike overlooked the Green River and the surrounding canyons.

We were walking around on the rock s when John noticed something tucked under a large rock shelf.  We headed over and found a small table and underneath it was an ammo box.  Inside the box was a booklet titled Thoughts at Bowknot Bend–Beginning April 08–2nd edition.  We opened the booklet and found that a group of friends have been camping at this spot since 2002 and each person wrote in the book the different things they saw while there.  They listed everything from wildlife to flowers to what the night sky looked like.  Each person left the book hidden under the rock after they made their entry.  It was really interesting to read and quite fascinating to find something like that miles from anything.

The second hike was in Long Canyon.  The walls towered above us for probably 100ft.  Their colors were amazing and the sheer height makes you feel quite small in this amazing world that surrounds us.

An evening hike to Gemini Bridges lead us through more amazing scenery with towering rock formations on every side.  Earlier in the day we had looked at the bridges from up above but the view looking up from down below was much better and gave a unique perspective.

Four Arch Canyon was a great afternoon hike that lead us through yet another canyon on our quest to see as many arches as possible.  We found 3 in the canyon and looked diligently for the fourth but we never did find it.

One last hike to share was to the Jewell Tibbets Arch.  A series of trail markers called Cairns lead us to this arch settled in a canyon.  A fairly easy couple of miles and we walked along the edge of the canyon and along washes to reach the arch.  It was rather small, however, it gave us a small taste of what we will be seeing in Arches NP


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One thought on “Canyon Hiking

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    How absolutely wonderful and gorgeous sights of nature. And with the photos to prove it all!
    Love Riley and Dakota so much – they almost look as if they enjoyed the vistas, too.
    Love and Hugs, Mom

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