Arches National Park

I know many have been waiting for these pictures.  I can honestly say that this park was spectacular and far beyond anything that I ever imagined that it would be!  We decided on the first day to drive to the individual sites that can easily be accessed from the road.

We began at the 3 gossips at the Courthouse Towers.  I immediately thought of a couple of friends, Katherine & Betsy.  I thought they just might know a few gossips at the Courthouse Towers 🙂

Next, we came to the Double Window Arch which was a short hike.  John wanted a picture inside the arch which I did, however, it’s amazing how small he came out compared to the arch.  It just shows how large this particular arch actually is.

In the same parking lot is the Double Arch which is quite interesting how this one formed and it’s unique structure.

A little farther up the road, we came to Turrett Arch.

A few arches within a close proximity was Skyline Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Tunnel Arch

The final arch for this post is Landscape Arch.  An interesting note about this arch, if you look at the lower right corner, you will notice a chunk of rock is missing.  Apparently, in the late 90’s, it was the middle of the busy summer season and hikers were underneath the arch when all of a sudden they started hearing cracks and rock began falling.  The hikers began running in fear and a photographer on the trail turned around to capture a picture of the large piece of rock falling from the edge of the arch.  It’s quite amazing to see and luckily no one was hurt.

The next post will be the hikes we took to the Double O Arch & Delicate Arch.  These were both just beautiful and the hike to Double O was an adventure in itself!

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One thought on “Arches National Park

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Another set of unbelievable photos. How great they are! I may dream about taking some of the beautiful nature hikes.
    Love and Hugs, Mom

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