Double O & Delicate Arch

The hike to Double O Arch began at Devil’s Garden.  I still can’t figure out why it’s called that so if anyone has the inside scoop on this one for me, I would appreciate it.  It’s a beautiful display of different rock formations in all shapes and sizes.

We began the 4 mile hike in the afternoon and it began with an easy walk to Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch.  As we continued on, we passed Landscape Arch and then the real hike began.  We came to a wall of rocks and on one side was a large fin that you had to climb on top of and we both thought, surely that’s not the way.  On the other side was this crevase type of area and we decided that looked like the right way.  We met some folks later on the trail that told us, in fact, we went up the far more difficult way.

As we continued on, there were a series of rocks to climb over and then came what they call the “fin”.  Its named this because it’s a rock shaped like a fish and you walk along the top where the fins would be.  As you climb up on to the rock and continue the hike, you realize the fin has about an 8ft drop off on one side and about a 100ft drop off on the other side.  Lucky for me, I have this incredible fear of heights, so you can imagine how well I did!  John talked me through it and I finally made it off and back onto the trail.

Looking from the top of the fin, was fin canyon which is an entire series of these types of rocks, some are more severe than others but it was quite interesting.

One more tight turn over the top of a rock which you then inched around another rock (with a huge dropoff!) to Double O Arch.

As we headed back, here was the beautiful view of the LaSal Mountains that we followed.

The next day, we decided to make the climb to the infamous Delicate Arch.  It began as a fairly easy hike and then you began a pretty steep ascent up the side of a large rock hillside.  It was all slickrock and you can climb very easy on it but it was rather steep.  We met up with the trail and after a few rock bowls we began the final ascent up to the arch.  They carved a walkway out of the side of a rock so lucky for me, once again, it was a huge drop off!

Just around the corner was the arch and it was quite spectacular!  I can see why this is the most famous arch in the park.  I have to say to our photographer friends, Doug & Mimi, there is no way I would have made this hike before sunrise.  Sorry guys, we’ll have to do with too much light this time 🙂

After 2 1/2 spectacular weeks here in Moab, it’s time for us to move on.  We’ll be heading just south of Canyonlands to Blanding.  Here we will be able to visit Valley of the gods and Monument Valley along with some other sites.  I’m sure we’ll have more pictures to post!

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