Valley of the gods & Monument Valley

After many days without cell service, we have a limited signal if we drive about 10 miles, so I’m excited to be able to catch up and share pictures from this beautiful area!

Our first trip was to the Valley of the gods.  A beautiful series of Sandstone buttes and mesas that appear to take on the shape of an animal or even depict a scene.

7 sailors VOGThese are the 7 sailors

Battleship Butte VOGThis is a battleship

Hen Butte VOGcastle butte VOG (2)

Followed by the hen butte & the last one is called Defending the Castle walls.  If you look closely, you can see the warriors that appear to be keeping watch over the Castle.

Valley of the gods2I took this picture because I felt they looked like little bird nests on top of the butte.  They were not technically part of the parks itinerary but fun nonetheless.

After leaving the Valley of the gods, we made a quick side trip to Goosneck State Park.  This is where the San Juan River makes it’s way Lake Powell.  The fascinating part of the river’s journey at this point is that it winds along for 15 miles but only covers 6 miles of actual distance.

gooseneck state park (2)

We headed on to Monument Valley.  Many will recognize these photos as they are used in countless commercials and movies.  If you’re a fan of 2001 A Space Odessey, Back to the Future 3 or many John Wayne movies, then you’ll recognize these buttes that seem to appear out nowhere in the flat desert landscape.

monument valleymonument valley (8)

monument valley (7)monument valley (6)

monument valley (5)monument valley (4)

monument valley (3)monument valley (2)


We covered alot of miles this day and on the way back we made one final stop at the Natural Bridges National Park.  Three naturally formed  bridges can be seen from the roadway as you wind through the park.  It was too late in the day for us to make the hike down to any of them which would have given a better perspective on these massive rock formations.  Many of them are over 200ft in height and 100ft in width.

natural bridges monument (2)natural bridges monument (3)

Natural bridges monument


I’ll have one more post on this are as we did visit the southern end of Canyonlands and found some more spectacular petroglyphs in Indian Creek.  I can say however, that we are currently down in Escalante and the Grand Staircase and there will be some great pictures from this area and as we make our way farther south to Bryce & Zion!


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One thought on “Valley of the gods & Monument Valley

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Never-ending wonderment! Norm and I have seen a few of the sites in Utah, but this state is absolutely the most wonderful I can imagine.

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