Hiking Escalante

We took some really fantastic hikes through the beautiful red sandstone of Escalante.  A few highlights are Devil’s Garden which was basically just goofing around and having fun walking up the sides of rock formations and climbing through holes.  It kind of made you feel like a kid again!

086 085 084 083 076We continued through the wash for several miles admiring how the water has worked its magic in this area over so many years creating fascinating canyons and holes in the sides of rock walls.

On separate days we hiked through Long Canyon and up Deer Creek.  The canyon was beautiful towering walls of red with a few slot canyons to explore.

long canyon slot (3) long canyon (5) 025

As we hiked up Deer Creek, the trail was like a sandy beach with hills.  The soft sand made hiking a little challenging.  Up ahead, on the side of the hill, were cows.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal, however, if you are a golden retriever who finds cows to be absolutely fantastic, then this was the best hike ever!  We kept him on leash but the rest of the evening we let him round up cows as we followed, running behind him while he pulled with his leash to try to catch up.  It was quite the workout for all of us!

Our next hike was to Grosvenor Arch & the Cottonwood Narrows.  The arch was a beautiful double arch that like all of the prior arches made us walk around and stare up in awe.

1354921887410 1354921884616020

The hike through the narrows was quite interesting, you feel a bit intimidated as you climb down to the bottom of the wash and enter the narrow canyon.  The walls are about 120 feet high on both sides of you and the area that you walk through is about 8ft across.  It’s a maze of rocks and debris from when the flash floods come through and bring logs and rocks from up above and sweep them through the canyon floor.  We were surprised to see green grass, trees and plants growing in what would seem to be an impossible environment.  We found an arch in the making and the rocks are a beautiful shade of pink.

026 032 029

We found a much easier exit route than the way we entered which made all of us happy!  The dogs had to be lifted down into the narrows but we found a way out where they could actually walk up a hill.  It was a beautiful hike & we found several other narrow canyons in the area that we continued to explore.  The hidden gems that we continue to find, make this journey so rewarding!

We’re off to Bryce Canyon and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing colors and rock formations in the area.  I’m sure there will be a great deal to post about over there.

Until next time——

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