Figure 8–Hiking in Bryce National Park

We decided to hike what they call the figure 8 in Bryce. It began on the Navajo Loop Trail and it was 5.5 miles. We started down the trail and the first rock formation we came to was Thor’s Hammer.


As we continued, during the first 3/4 mile, you descend 1700 ft to the bottom of the canyon through a series of switchbacks. It was quite steep and I’m not sure if these pics can give you a true feel but it was steep!


We made it to the bottom and then you begin climbing up the other side of the canyon. Throughout the entire hike, it’s pretty much non stop climbing up and down the canyon. It was a beautiful, clear day and the skies were a vibrant shade of blue which made the colors of the canyon walls jump out at you even more. Each direction that you looked and each corner you turned, there was such beautiful color. I think I took a hundred pictures, I was just mesmerized! We kept commenting how the rocks looked like sand castles and if you just took some wet sand, put it in your hand and then sprinkle it in a mound, it would look just like these. It felt like you could just knock them over in one easy push.


As the hike continued, we came across a frozen stream at the bottom of the canyon. The entire waterfall and stream had frozen into one solid sheet. John decided to do a little ice skating.


We came to the end of the hike and if you recall, we had a 1700 ft descent down, weelll, now you have to climb back out those 1700ft in the last 3/4 mile! It was a leg burner without a doubt but what a gorgeous hike!

IMG_0125 IMG_0124

I will leave you with just a sampling of the pictures that I took.

IMG_0116 IMG_0045 IMG_0092IMG_0105 IMG_0028 IMG_0095 IMG_0035IMG_0040 IMG_0024

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One thought on “Figure 8–Hiking in Bryce National Park

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    How can anything get more beautiful? You guys are just enjoying to the fullest.

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