Losee Canyon

Our final hike in the Bryce area was as equally beautiful as the areas we have been hiking through.  Losee Canyon is located in the Red Canyon area of Panguitch County.  A little history about the canyon says that it became famous when Butch  Cassidy lived in a cabin in the area from 1879-1884.  Rumor has it that he got into a brawl one  night over a girl and thought he had killed the other man.  He fled into the Red Canyon area and hid from authorities up what is now called Cassidy’s trail on the other side of Losee Canyon.  Turns out, the other guy was fine, but Butch Cassidy apparently still thought the authorities were after him when all that they wanted to tell him was that he was off the hook.

He couldn’t have chose a more beautiful canyon to hide in even if it turned out to not be necessary 🙂

We headed up the wash and we noticed on the side of the hill was a small sign that simply read–arches.  We were intrigued so we followed the trail.  It lead us to a fantastic 1 mile loop up the hillside to approximately 2 dozen arches.  Most were very small but the red hoodoos and sandstone formations were very interesting.  It was a pretty steep mile but we really enjoyed being able to get up close and touch these formations.

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I was amazed by the layers of millions of tiny pepples that are basically compacted over time into the sandstone and how it looks like you could walk up and pull one out, however, they are cemented into the structure that will continue to grow and eventually form a sandstone pillar.


As we made our way across the canyon, we found more interesting formations and arches.

047061 060 059 057 051


A steep climb down and we were off to our original hike up Losee Canyon.


As we headed up the wash, there were towering red and gray walls above us on both sides.  I can see how someone could easily hide out in these canyons for a period of time.  The canyon floor was filled with juniper and pinon trees.  We were starting to lose light about half way up since we spent a great deal of time exploring the arches trail.  We headed back but we both agreed this was just a spectacular part of Utah that you could spend months hiking through all of the canyons that it offers.

We are headed to Zion National Park so I’m sure we’ll have more adventures to share once we get there.

Until Next Time……..


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One thought on “Losee Canyon

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    I don’t believe that there can be another absolutely gorgeous area as this — each park is undoubtedly more beautiful than the last. Felicia should publish some account of their adventures in some way.

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