Lake Mead, Nevada

We left Zion in search of warmer temps and more sunshine and headed to Lake Mead.  As we arrived, the landscape was dramatically different from the spectacular scenery we had become accustomed to in Utah.  The ground cover was rock and the mountains looked like they were covered in small black rocks as well.  It almost looked like you stepped into a moonscape.

We settled into a great spot on Crawdad Cove.  We chose to stay about 1/4 mile from the shore, otherwise, my every waking moment would have a certain golden retriever trying to drag me to the water.  This way, he could see the water but it wasn’t close enough to make him completely crazy 🙂

2013-01-01 15_36_11

We headed out to do some hiking in the area and we were pleasantly surprised at the numerous hikes.  We did learn one lesson very fast.  Typically, we like to head off of trails and simply cross over the terrain.  That was not possible here as the ground cover, which they call desert pavement out here, was volcanic rocks.  The dogs made it about 50ft and simply sat down and refused to go any farther.  We couldn’t figure out why until I leaned down and felt the rocks and they were so sharp and it obviously hurt their pads.  So, off to walk the washes.

We found a great hike called the Anniversary Narrows.  We have really enjoyed each narrow that we’ve come across as each one is completely different in the way the rock has formed.  The different colors and patterns make each one a new place to explore.  As we began, we noticed a mine in the area, so we decided to go look around.  This abandoned mine pulled borax mineral colemanite from the ground.  It was pretty neat to shine the flashlight down into the mine and look around.

029 028

We continued up the wash about 3/4 of a mile and made our way to the entrance of the narrow.  This one was completely different from the other narrows we had been through.  The rocks formed a wave-like pattern and the colors went from cream to pink with a few very light red splashes in them.

032 033 035 040

As we continued up the wash, we came to the point where we could no longer lift the dogs over the large boulders, which is always our turn around point.  We made it about a mile up the narrows and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful colors.  It’s amazing that you can be driving along in what seems like a boring and not very pretty area and then stumble across such amazing sights.  We discovered this multiple times here at Lake Mead.  I find it to be one of the most rewarding parts of our journey!

046 055 056

On our way out we were looking at a rock formation in the wash.  If you look closely, there are white veins running through the orange sandstone.  The veins are gypsum which was heavily mined in this area in the past.


We made it back just before dark and we were rewarded with a beautiful desert sunset.  The pink and purple sky against the contrast of the dark mountains was quite lovely.


We have several interesting hikes to share in this area and some great wildlife!

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