The Bowl of Fire

In the middle of the black and gray rock that surronds Lake Mead there is a patch of red rock that seems to be completely out of place.  It is hidden behind the main mountains and after some reading, we found that there was a nice little hike that lead back to this area.  Here is our destination:


The name is a bit deceptive as it implies that these rocks were formed by volcanic activity, however, in reality, they are Aztec sand formations.  The hike lead us through some sandy areas that we refer to as beach sand because the grains are so fine that they remind you of being on a Caribbean beach.  As we continued up the wash we found that the path had been blocked by some very large boulders so we back tracked and headed up over the top of the hill.  As we came over the top, it’s as if  you’ve entered a different world.  It reminded us of the rock formations across Utah.

286 294 287

We visited this area during the middle of the day and in the evening so the pictures show different light on the rocks.  We climbed around on the rocks admiring the different formations before making our way of the valley.

291293 290 289016008 007


We made our way up the valley to continue admiring all of the different formations.  We really thought that we would struggle to find great hiking after learning that the dogs could not pass over the rocks so this was a great find behind what seemed to be rather impassable mountains.

014 014 011

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One thought on “The Bowl of Fire

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything quite like some of this area.
    Also, looks like some quite mild weather.

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