Oma’s Pride–Utah

During our time in Utah we thought that getting food for the animals might be a little difficult as we were going to be in some pretty remote parts of the state. Luckily, we found Janet Walter in Levan. I knew Janet well as she used to be one of my customers that I shipped to regularly.

I started working with Janet about 4 years ago. She is a breeder of whippets and has taken an active role in learning about raw feeding. While at the Missoula dog show a few years back, there was a lady outside our booth and I could see her, however, there was a line outside the booth and I wasn’t able to speak with her. She came back the second day and the same scenario was still in play. Finally, on the third day, when things began to quiet down, she returned again. I went out to meet her and apologize for not being able to help her. She laughed and said, you don’t know who I am do you? I felt a litte emabarrassed and then she introduced herself as Janet Walter. We both laughed as we had communicated by phone and email for several years, however, we never met each other!

Janet went on to become a distributor in Utah just outside of Salt Lake. She was more than willing to ship our product to us and it arrived perfectly frozen. She was very helpful in making sure that our boxes arrived in the two different towns that we had her ship to for us.

If you ever need raw feeding information in the Utah area, please visit Janet’s website at

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