White Owl Canyon

This small narrow canyon eluded us for several days.  We made 3 separate attempts to find it based on information we found on a website.  The entrances to all of the canyons in this area look exactly the same so it made our quest rather difficult.  The first try, we didn’t walk far enough, however, we did come across another narrow which made for a nice evening hike.  The second attempt, we walked entirely too far and the dogs were letting us know that they were done with our searching!  Finally, the third time we pulled  out the GPS and found the canyon (yes, we know we should have done this the first time 🙂 )


Once we began walking up the wash, we found some really pretty yellow flowers.  It’s been nice to see the occasional flower in an area that mostly consists of sand.


As we continued, we started up a narrow.  This narrow had very little color variation.  The walls were tan and we never did see any other colors.


However, this time, a narrow was not our main focus.  This canyon holds just a few Great Horned Owls and we were searching for these owls.  We quietly made our way through the narrow looking in all directions to hopefully catch a glimpse of these elusive birds.  About half way up the canyon, an owl caught our eye up on a ledge.  Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind that we were watching him.

092 095cropped-094.jpg

I took as many pictures as he would allow and I was able to take a video for a few seconds.  I’m terrible at taking videos so no judging!


We were so excited to find this owl and while we had hoped for more owls, he was the only one that we found.  We continued up the narrow and we crossed under the main road through a large culvert.  We had to help the dogs learn to walk  on this new surface which was actually quite comical as they struggled to understand what this riveted surface was.


Once we exited the culvert, the narrow canyon walls become quite a bit shorter.


On our return trip, the owl was still sitting on his rock ledge so we watched him a little longer.  Once we exited the narrow, we were greeted with a beautiful sunset over Lake Mead.  This hike was well worth our multiple efforts to find it.

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