Moving Southward

Nevada to Quartszite, AZ

We left Lake Mead and headed south to Quartszite.  This was a trip that John had been begging to take since we started traveling back in August.  Quartszite, AZ is home to the country’s largest RV show and John wanted to check out all of the rigs and see what the industry had to offer.

We decided to cut the distance from Lake Mead to Quartszite in half and we stopped for 4 days at Lake Mohave.  We explored a few areas around the lake and made our way into Laughlin and Bullhead City.  It was a rather warm 72 degrees so after looking at the map, we headed over to the Bend in the Colorado River State Park.  The dogs were ecstatic to find a cove where they could play in the water!  We took a walk down the sandy beach of the Colo river and then had a picnic on the shore and watched the Ring-Necked ducks swim by.  Amazingly enough, this was January and quite different from January’s in Montana 🙂

046020 003

031 028ring necked duck

We headed over to take a hike up Grapevine Canyon which is considered a Sacred Canyon for the Yumin & Numic tribes.  We found some petroglyphs that were unique from the ones that we had seen in the prior canyons in Utah and around Lake Mead.

080 028 023

As we headed out and made our way to Quartszite, we stopped in Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge.  I was amazed at how well this bridge that dated back to the late 1800’s was preserved.  A business man who developed Lake Havasu had the bridge brought over from England, brick by brick, and then re-assembled it in Lake Havasu.


That afternoon, we pulled into an RV park in Salome, AZ.  Normally, we don’t stay in RV Parks, however, my great aunt and uncle spend winters in this park and it’s been several years since I’ve seen them, so, we made an exception and stayed near them.  We also chose this option so that we could visit the RV show in Quartszite but avoid the craziness in the area.  Quartszite, AZ is home to 3,300 people year round.  However, during the month of January, there is a series of shows from gems and minerals to the RV show.  In addition, there is a massive tent city that is constructed which consumes several city blocks with vendors for every product under the sun.  They have everything from RV products to kitchen gadgets to clothing.  I have never seen anything like it in my life and it’s really difficult to describe the expansive town as it’s something you have to see with your own eyes to fully grasp.   All of this activity causes the town of Quartiszite to grow to over 2 million RV’s, this means an average of 4 million people!

The desert becomes a sea of Rv’s as people stay in the long term visitor areas that are several miles wide.  My uncle took us out to a couple of these areas and they seemed to go on forever.  Rv’s in every length, make and model along with more motorhomes than you could count filled these areas. The next pictures are not taken by me.  The reason for this is because there is absolutely no way that I could give you the perspective from the ground that can be accomplished from an aerial picture.  All of the white spots that you see, are Rv’s in the desert!


After getting over the shock of all of the people, we headed over to the RV show which had every item you could imagine.  Fortunately, we made it out with minimal credit card damage 🙂

quartszite rv show

We took the dogs out for a few walks in the desert and the highlight was a lone jack rabbit that caught Riley’s eye.  They had quite the game of chase going on and I think John wore out before Riley did while chasing the rabbit.

It was nice to spend a few days with my relatives and learn a few full timing secrets from them as they’ve been full time Rver’s for about 12 years and their experience proved to be quite valuable.

Next, we’re headed out to Tucson

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One thought on “Moving Southward

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    This looks like a fun time — SO nice that the pups got to swim and chase wildlife. What a long time that Felicia’s relatives have RV’d — wow!

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