Oma’s Pride–Nevada

Oma’s Pride–Nevada

I had the opportunity to meet the fantastic distributor in Nevada.  Suzanne from RahRawRah pet food was an amazing person and she provided some great information.  She began with Oma’s Pride when one of her Bichon’s was not able to keep any type of food down.  She tried several veterinarians without success.  As she was running out of options, she tried raw feeding.  Her pup was able to keep the food down and she began to thrive.  Her journey of raw feeding eventually led her to Oma’s Pride and she been a distributor for close to 10 years.  She keeps each of her orders in a cold storage facility that is nothing short of enormous.  During the spring months you can find her at the local dogs shows promoting Oma’s Pride and sharing her passion for raw feeding.

One of the many things I enjoyed about working with Suzanne was her quick response to emails and her ability to facilitate shipping to any area in Nevada or Arizona within a 2 day ground zone.  She delivers to the entire Las Vegas area including Henderson.

If you’re looking for raw food for your dog or cat in Nevada or Arizona, email Suzanne and she will be more than willing to help you out!

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One thought on “Oma’s Pride–Nevada

  1. Patti Forrest

    Hi Felicia
    I am now home and can communicate much easier. I saw your note about Suzanne and wanted to add how fabulous she was to deal with when we were in the Palm Springs, California area. She sent me 3 orders overnight and was able to do some special orders for me. Hunny and Walker had access to the great Oma’s Pride raw food that I otherwise could not get in the Palm Springs area. Suzanne made our vacation much better because if Hunny and Walker are not doing well and eating well, I am not doing well!! Will send you a separate email in the next couple days.

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