An Unexpected Sight in the Desert

We took some very nice hikes around Tucson.  Our first hike was a 9 ½ mile hike to Seven Falls.  It began at Sabino Canyon which is basically in a residential area.  You begin the hike walking across a large flat area that is filled with numerous saguaro cacti.  As you cross over several roads, you begin a climb up through a canyon.  Cacti continue up both sides of the canyon as high as the eye can see.


We came across our first unexpected sight, a stream flowing in the middle of the desert.  Several hummingbirds were flying around the bushes that lined the stream. Small waterfalls continued the remaining way up the canyon.


As you climb out of the canyon floor, you begin the ascent up the side.  Eventually, you are overlooking a beautiful series of waterfalls cascading down the valley.

032 031 029025

I never would have expected to see this amazing sight in the middle of the desert!

We enjoyed the sights for a while and then began our descent.  As we arrived back down on the desert floor, we were greeted by a gila woodpecker, a kestrel and a male and female phainopepla.

gila woodpecker kestrel (2) 045phainopepla female

The following days brought some additional hikes that were quite beautiful.  The first one was up Mt Lemmon.  We drove to the top of this 9100 ft. peak.  It was interesting to be in the desert on minute and then in a ski area the next.  Mt Lemmon is the southernmost ski area in the country.  It was about 35 degrees on top so we headed half way down the mountain and took a short hike up an extremely steep mountainside.  It gave us some very nice views down to the valley floor.  It also gave a different perspective on just how steep the road is that goes up this mountain.

001 007 005006

The next hike was on the outskirts of Catalina State Park, all of the info on the trail said absolutely no dogs on this trail.  As we began the climb we quickly understood why.  This was an extremely rocky and very steep hike.  We thought this would be a quick hike in but with all of the climbing it took several hours.  Our reward at the end was the Romero Pools.  This was a series of pools that cascaded down the canyon.  Several people were swimming in the pools and enjoying the cool waters in the middle of the warm day.  We began the descent down the canyon and there was a very nice view down the canyon.

003 002 001

005 008 007

Our time here in Tucson has come to an end.  We’re making our way to New Mexico to begin heading north.

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One thought on “An Unexpected Sight in the Desert

  1. Robin Layton

    I’ve been enjoying reading your accounts of your adventures.

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