The Great Sand Dunes

Our next stop was purely for fun!  We invited my mom and my niece Hayvin to come down and play at the Sand Dunes.  John and I both had been here as kids but I do believe we had just as much fun as adults 🙂

As you arrive, you have a dramatic backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo mountains and the dunes seem to flow right into the mountains yet, they seem completely out of place.


The first day, we climbed up the first two dunes and attempted to slide down on our sleds.  This idea just didn’t work very well.  The sleds simply would not slide.  After several failed attempts, we began running and jumping off the ledges and rolling down the hills with Hayvin.

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The second day, after a little internet research, we waxed the bottom of our sleds and headed out once again.  The wax worked well for the first few times down the hills and we were able to sled quite quickly.

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We all laughed until our stomach hurt  and hiked until our legs would no longer carry us.  We all had sand in places that really sand should never be found!  Each evening, Uncle John and Hayvin cooked dinner out on the fire and then of course, marshmallows and smores followed.  We really had a fantastic time!

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One thought on “The Great Sand Dunes

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    That surely was a ball! What a sweet way to spend a day. I would love to be buried in the sand.
    (Also, it looks a bit warm there — unlike here where the snow has fallen all day and now into the evening — on the 15th of April!!)

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