Springtime in Colorado

After leaving the sand dunes, we made our way into Denver.  We planned on spending Easter with our families along with  11 additional days for hanging out & visiting everyone.  Our 11 days turned into 37!  We had some weather related damage to our awning so we had to wait for parts to come in & then what was supposed to be a sunny April turned into 4 snowstorms!  There was no way that we were willing to travel in the snow. Wyoming, which is our next stop, was being hit with additional storms, so, we just decided to stay put & spend extra time with family & friends.

We started with a beautiful Easter morning that included church, a lovely dinner & lots of egg hunting with Hayvin, Zoey, Xavier & Gavin.  The first hunt, I forgot that little ones under the age of 5 can’t find eggs in difficult places, they have to be easy!  (Its been a while :))

wpid-IMG_6675.JPG wpid-IMG_6690.JPG wpid-IMG_6709.JPG wpid-IMG_6710.JPG wpid-IMG_6728.JPG wpid-IMG_6681.JPG

After searching & hiding eggs for a few hours with all of them, we spent some time with my Aunt & Grandmother.  John spent the day up with his family & enjoyed his time with them as well.

After Easter we had a large mass removed from Riley’s leg which had grown from the size of a nickle to 2″x 3″ in 6 weeks.  We were very glad to find out that it was not cancerous & he is doing great!  He had an extremely rough couple of days after surgery so Dakota took this time to stay at my mom’s house, where she was completely spoiled & pampered and played with Yogi, my mom’s dog.  I honestly wasn’t sure if Dakota wanted to come home after 3 days of being the queen!  Lol

After Riley healed enough from his surgery, I spent a very special girls night out.  I went to see some friend from high school that I had not seen in 20 years.  It was great to see them & hear about their lives & celebrate Shannon’s birthday with her.

During our stay, we enjoyed having Hayvin & Zoey stay the night with us on a couple of occasions & they had a great time tackling their Uncle John to the ground & running around & chasing both of us.

wpid-IMG_6840.JPG wpid-IMG_6806.JPG

We also celebrated Hayvin’s 6th birthday while we were in town.  How time has flown!


We moved up to the north side of town to visit John’s family and enjoyed several dinners with his sisters and parents.  While we were up there we had a foot of snow arrive & the snow was blowing quite hard & it iced everything up.  This was the perfect night at 3am for Dakota to need to go outside!  A hair dryer to the door just in time saved an accident from happening.

Another snow storm moved in & we were starting to question our decision, however, in Colorado fashion, the next day was sunny & 60 degrees.  The herons ,birds, & geese were happily back out on the ponds.

We enjoyed a great get together with some of John’s friends that he has known since childhood.  We laughed and recalled funny moments in all of our lives & overall had a great evening.

The state parks where we stay in Denver have a rule that you can only stay in one park for 14 days, so, we headed back to the south end of Denver & stayed at Chatfield.  If we thought the weather would calm down, then we were seriously mistaken!  It went from 4in of snow to 80 degrees & back to 7 more inches of snow, crazy!

During this time we spent one of the sunny afternoons celebrating our nephew Stefyn’s birthday which was very nice.  They came to visit us after the last snowstorm & his brother Landyn, decided we should have a serious snowball fight!  We laughed & played for several hours that afternoon & we enjoyed our time with both of them.

On the 80 degree day, we took Hayvin, Zoey, Xavier & Gavin to the beach at Chatfield to play in the water & sand which they all had a great time.

We had planned to leave between storms but John had been looking for a new truck while we were there & he found one right before we were set to leave, so we waited another few days so we could switch out the seats, the hitch and other items.

Our last day in Denver we spent visiting some of John’s friends from Costco which was very nice.

A break in the weather approached & this time we quickly took advantage of it and headed to Wyoming!

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