Moving Northward

We caught our break in the weather and began making our way through Wyoming.  We stayed the first night in Sinclair at a BLM campground along the river which was very nice.  The next day, we continued to Lander.  We originally planned to stay in Lander for a week, however, the snow levels were still too low so we continued over to Grand Teton National Park.

We had visited Grand Teton several years ago, however, like many people, we simply drove through on our way out of Yellowstone.  We had the opportunity this time to spend about 10 days exploring the park.  It was just beautiful!

We arrived and found a place to set up right next to a creek with the Teton Mountains in the background.  It was a great backdrop!

The bison calves had just been born and were grazing in the meadows in the park.


We continued onto Jackson Lake.  There was still some ice floating in the lake and a few snow patches along the edges.  The view across the lake was beautiful

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Of course, whenever water is anywhere in our path, Riley is begging to jump in.  He had received his official release from the vet to go swimming so, we of course had to comply with doctors orders 🙂


We continued on to Jenny Lake to enjoy another beautiful view and a picnic along the creek.  Dakota stayed home on this outing and got some much needed rest.



After a walk around the part of the lake that dogs are allowed on, we continued to Leigh Lake.


Beautiful views were at every direction that we turned.  We are all so excited to be back in the mountains, watching the grasses wake from their winter slumber to a vibrant green, the baby animals wobbling on their legs and seeing snow capped peaks.

We have several stories to share from this beautiful part of our country in the coming days.

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One thought on “Moving Northward

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    No relation to this part of the trip — but — before I forget, I need to say the pic of John, Riley and Dakota resting in the grass in Enterprise, Oregon after a day’s hard work – – is SO wonderful!!!
    Perfect for submission to a photo contest.

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