Gros Ventre River

An afternoon trek up to Slide Lake lead to some unexpected sites.  The lake is at the head of the Gros Ventre river which is an area of the park that is rarely visited.  The Gros Ventre River is 74 miles long and it’s a tributary of the Snake River.   As we made our way up the canyon, the colors of the hillside were completely different than any other part of the park.


We took a hike around the lake and let the dogs play in the water.  On our way back, we noticed a bald eagle hunting the river.  We pulled over and watched as the mature bald and an in-mature bald went fishing.  I snapped off a couple of pictures of the two as they flew back from the river with their dinner in their talons.  It was quite difficult to take pictures while they were in the air.


011 010 012

It was quite the amazing site to witness!

We continued back down into the main part of the park and headed over to Mormon Row.  This is one of the most photographed areas of the park.  In the 1890’s Mormon settlers began making their way to this area.  These homesteads are quite unique in the fact that instead of being isolated buildings like most homesteads, they are clustered into a community.

017 016

Around these homesteads, the buffalo roam free with the spectacular Teton Range in the background.

019 018

A day filled with spectacular beauty!  Our time here in the Tetons has come to an end and we are headed to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.  This is an area that I have been wanting to visit for many years and we are both really excited to explore this part of Idaho.

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