Heading to Oregon

It’s been awhile since I updated my blog.  The following took place over Memorial Day weekend.  I know, I am VERY FAR behind!

We decided to try something  a little different for this summer.  We are heading to a small town in Northeastern Oregon called Enterprise.  We’ll be spending June, July, August and half of September here helping out at a Bed & Breakfast.  We are anticipating a great experience and a beautiful area to explore.  Enterprise is in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and ample hiking and beautiful mountains await our arrival.

Part of our blog includes a look into our personal lives and the adventure that we are experiencing.  Part of that includes some of the low times that we may experience as well.  As we all know far to well, not every moment in life can be amazing and we all face times that shake us to our core.  As we made our way towards Oregon, we had anticipated staying one night in Boise.  We chose an RV park just outside of Meridian.  About 1 1/2 hours after our arrival, we were having lunch inside and Dakota all of sudden had a seizure.  I was quite scared as I’ve never seen an animal have a seizure.  Once we stabilized her, we rushed her to an emergency clinic.  About an hour after our arrival, she had another seizure which fortunately they were able to stop with Valium.  They performed an ultrasound on her and they found two masses, a lemon sized mass on her liver and a golf ball sized mass in the connective tissues.  Her liver numbers have been escalating over the past year and we have been aware of it but at 14 1/2 years old, we knew that there wasn’t much we could do about it.  We were not mentally prepared for the vet’s diagnosis and she gave us only 2 options, which were both difficult to fathom and accept.  First, keep the seizures under control and keep her comfortable for the remainder of her days or #2, put her down.  She had been rolling in the grass and happy before the seizure and I knew that she was not ready to go so we chose the anti-seizure meds.  She spent the night at the clinic and they allowed Riley to visit her while we brought her some dinner.  Seeing Riley made her tail wag  and she kissed him several times.  I knew that we had made the right decision.  We know her days are numbered at this point and our job is simply to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible.

We spent an extra day in Boise until Dakota was allowed to come home & the vet said that she could ride in the car.  We knew that she was feeling better when she barked non-stop in the kennel at the clinic.  I explained to the staff that she doesn’t do well in a kennel.  I think they were more than ready for her to leave.

The drive into Enterprise was filled with emerald green fields and lush forests.  It was quite beautiful.  The mountains still have a cap of snow on them and it made for a beautiful color contrast.

We arrived in Enterprise and realized that there are not any stop lights in this small town.  It’s very quiet in this area and I think we will fit right in without a problem.

DSC_2911 DSC_2910 DSC_2909 DSC_2908

The dogs are thoroughly enjoying having free run of the 2 1/2 acre property and they are once again on deer patrol which is one of their favorite jobs.  The owners of the b&b are quite happy with the dogs keeping the deer out of the property and away from the apple trees.

Dakota is struggling with taking walks so the b&b owner made a suggestion that I would have never thought about.  She took a jogging stroller and we made some modifications to it and with some straps, John made her a custom hiking rig that she absolutely loves to take her daily walks and hikes in.   I never would have thought that she would become so comfortable in it, however, she thinks it’s quite fantastic.  I do believe after a summer of pushing 40 pounds up and down trails and countless hills, I should have some very in shape legs 🙂


We decided to do some exploring in the area after our arrival.  We took a trip up the Lostine River and found beautiful streams and green lush canyons.  It was a great afternoon for a picnic.

DSC_2953 DSC_2924

Upon our return from our picnic and hike, we were greeted by a quail hanging out on the fence.  They are quite colorful and make a unique sound.


We have several events to share with you that have happened while we’ve been in the area so I will get back to updating the blog more often.

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2 thoughts on “Heading to Oregon

  1. Rick & Claudia

    So Sad to hear about Dakota, we know all to well how hard it is to give them up…. We had to put down Ranger a couple of weeks ago…his Eye Cancer had progressed to the point that it was making him uncomfortable. Look forward to hearing from you both! God Bless… and know that you are in our thoughts.

    Rick & Claudia

  2. Robin Layton

    I’m so sorry about Dakota’s diagnosis. I hope you get many more good days with her.

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