Saying goodbye to an Oregon Summer

We have truly enjoyed our time here in Enterprise.  We have enjoyed the small town atmosphere and the friendly people that we have met every day.

We were told about the infamous Bowlby Bash that occurs in town each July.  We were quite curious about this event so we headed into downtown Enterprise to witness the festivities.  The streets were lined with craft and food vendors.  The main event is the soap box derby.  Several children and adults work on elaborate carts that they race down the hill near the elementary school.  They have several categories for voting from most creative to the fastest soap box.

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I was curious how the rather unusual name of Bowlby Bash came about.  I did a google search and found the following information:

the courthouse in downtown Enterprise is made from the famous Bowlby stone from the nearby Swap Creek Quarry.  “Tuff” is a porous volcanic rock that can be cut easily when wet and then dries as hard as concrete  when dry.   It is still praised to this day for its uniqueness in the pacific northwest.

“Tuff” is a volcanic crater a broad cone with a saucer shaped interior built of ash that has weathered and cemented together in a rocky material.

We also wanted to visit one of the popular attractions in the area which was the tram that ascends vertically 3700 feet up Mt Howard.  It allows for a vast view of Wallowa Lake and the surrounding area.  Once we arrived on top, we found several trails for exploring the mountain.

We were met with beautiful views in all directions as we made our way around the mountain.

033 025 024

One direction you are able to see into the Eagle Cap Wilderness and then once you circle around the other side of the mountain, you are viewing into Hells Canyon.


We were greeted by an adorable chipmunk, who, obviously had been fed by how friendly he was 🙂 and the wildflowers were still in bloom

037 036 029

We made our way down the mountain and enjoyed beautiful weather for our tour around the mountain.

John took a 3 day fishing trip down into the Imnaha.  This is part of Hells Canyon where the Snake & Imnaha Rivers meet.  While his fishing trip was not successful, he did bring back some great pictures of the canyon.

008 007 005 004 003 002 001

As we close out our journey in Oregon this summer, our family has suffered a great loss.  I know not everyone follows our Facebook page, so for those who don’t know, we lost our little Dakota on July 15th.  One of her tumors ruptured.  We are very grateful that she did not suffer and she was playing with Riley in the backyard that afternoon.  We brought her home that evening and fed her pretzels, cheese, cookies and ice cream.  In the middle of the night, we are very thankful for the small town vet that came by and made sure that her passing was peaceful with her 2 legged and four legged family surrounding her and holding her.  We find comfort in knowing that she was almost 15  years old and she led an amazing life!

island lake

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