Back to the Flathead!

We were so excited to be heading back to Montana!  The chance to spend some time with friends and re-visit a few of the magnificent places that surround the Flathead Valley is always a time to cherish.

The weather was beautiful as we made our way from Oregon over Lolo Pass and up to Kalispell.  The trees had just started to put on their fall colors.  We spent most of our days playing with Riley at Flathead lake and visiting friends and neighbors.

We took a quick trip up to Glacier National Park and while most who follow our blog know first hand about all that Glacier has to offer, there are a few of you who have never been there.  The weather turned the day we headed into the park so we were not able to take very many long range vista pictures since the clouds were very low and it began snowing up on top of Logan Pass.

We did take just a few pictures that we can share up on the top of Logan and a few of the magnificent colors in McDonald Creek.

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After spending a few weeks in the Flathead, it reminded us just how much we love this area and the people that we know here.  I think it made the second round of goodbye’s that much harder!

Our plan was to continue down to Dillon, MT and visit Bannack State Park.  However, the weather forecast called for a significant snowstorm to move in.  Normally, we would have just waited it out, however, after several white knuckle experiences in the snow last spring, we decided to move on.  This brought us to an area of Northeastern Utah and Bear Lake State Park.  During the summer, this area is quite busy with sailing, jet skiing and fishing.  It’s a beautiful lake with turquoise waters and sandy beaches.  The back drop of the mountains and the turning colors this time of year is something that you don’t expect to find in Utah.

We spent a few days in the area taking some hikes in the surrounding hills and we found some areas of foliage turning which always makes for nice pictures!

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Our next stop was to spend a few weeks at the Flaming Gorge which borders Wyoming and Colorado.  A beautiful area with tons of hiking and we were looking very forward to the time here.  WELLL, the weather we tried to avoid in Montana, brought significant snowfall to this area and they shut everything down early this year.  I think we’re starting to feel jinxed this fall!  We were unable to find anywhere that we could park and we could not find water, so we spent one night, took some pictures and then moved on.  We did not plan on making it south in such a short time but thank goodness we’re flexible!

037038 035 034

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One thought on “Back to the Flathead!

  1. Rick Mathies

    There is great and I mean Great small mouth bass fishing at Flaming Gorge…you will have to make it back there sometime!

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