The Winds of Change

They say in life that only two things are certain, death & taxes.  I think I would add, change.  Most people fear change and they tend to be very uneasy leaving their comfort zone.  I’ve always been one of those odd people that really enjoys change.  It usually means a new adventure and finding out something about yourself that you didn’t know existed within you.

So, what’s this change?  Well, some family issues have risen that require our attention.  It’s not a subject that we can discuss but a few of you have an idea of what these matters are.  With these issues taking a front seat, we tried to figure out how we should go forward.  We decided if we needed to stay put for an indefinite period of time then we should do something that we enjoy.

After much soul searching and a great deal of prayer, we chose to follow one of our other passions in life that we began in Montana.  This time, however, we will be taking it to a larger scale.  I can already see Claudia Mathis grinning as she reads this!  We have chosen to begin raising all of our own food for both ourselves and our animals.

We have found a 40 acre mini ranch in Ramah Colorado.  This is an area that we would have never chosen to live in but an amazing 10 week journey showed us loud and clear that we did not have control over this situation.  Ramah is a very small town (150 people) about 40 miles east of Colorado Springs.  We are officially flatlanders!

We purchased this property because of the growing season, ability to raise livestock and the existing barns and other outbuildings.  We will be raising  chickens,  turkeys,  pheasants,  rabbits, hogs, a full scale garden capable of producing enough food for the year, orchards with both fruit & nut trees and also bee hives for producing honey.   We will also be raising enough of each product to sell.  We are going to be VERY BUSY!

We will be using organic practices and the animals will all be raised on 100% grass year round using a fodder system.

So, what does this mean for life off the leash?  We will be continuing our blog but the direction it takes will obviously be taking a 180 degree turn away from travel and scenery and turn towards life on a farm, baby animals, vegetables and how we are going about all of this raising of our food.  We will also share some of our favorite gardening articles on subjects like companion planting, biological agriculture which I’ve been reading a great deal about, fodder systems and of course lots of pictures.

This is a huge undertaking for both of us as neither one of us has ever lived on a farm let alone built one from the ground up but we both feel very strong about this endeavor and we truly believe that if you work hard enough and put your mind to it,  you can accomplish anything.

We hope you will continue to follow our journey as it moves into a new direction.

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3 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. Jeanette Trebing

    How wonderful. Wish you the very best. Love and Hugs, Mom

  2. Jenna Spahlinger

    That sounds so cool!!

  3. Rick & Claudia

    Oh my God… we can’t wait to talk to you guys

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