Why I feed Raw!

As many of you probably  have noticed, there are several references to Oma’s Pride on our blog and throughout our pages.  I have been asked to give the story behind this relationship.

Seven years ago in 2006, my beloved cat, Ramsey was 11yrs old.  After routine bloodwork our vet talked to me about putting him on a low protein diet to help his kidneys simply due to his age.  She recommended Hills K/D.  I was never a Science Diet fan and I didn’t want to feed this product to him.  I went home and started doing some research online.  I found that a raw diet would be far more beneficial to his kidneys than a dry food since raw food provided the moisture that his kidneys actually needed whereas dry kibble deprives the kidneys of moisture, therefore causing premature kidney failure.  This made perfect sense to me!  If you’re going to give your body basically cereal, it must take moisture from somewhere to re-hydrate.  Where else does it get this than through the kidneys, liver and skin.

I went into my vet and presented her with all of my information.  I was met with fears of salmonella, bacteria, etc.  I was determined to feed raw and  my vet knows me well enough to know that if I’m determined then it will happen with her blessing or not.  We came to a compromise, feed raw for 6 months and then run another blood panel.  If during this time, Ramsey became ill or if after 6 months his bloodwork showed any issues, I would agree to stop feeding raw and go back to kibble.  I felt this was fair and off I went.  Six months passed and we re-ran the bloodwork.  His values had all improved!  Our vet was shocked.   I began reading every book on raw feeding that I could find so that I could build a knowledge base.

After this fantastic news, we began to feed our dogs raw which our vet decided to help us come up with a recipe.  It took some work but we actually revised how we fed over the course of the next 3 months and came up with a much easier method.  Our animals were thriving!  Our lab’s allergy issues were disappearing, Dakota’s kidney stone issue was gone (and continues to be gone to this day!) and Riley went from a dog who had chronic diarrhea to having a normal functioning digestive system.

About a year went by and I was looking for a source to provide a consitent variety of proteins.  I called a lady in Salt Lake who sold Oma’s Pride and told her I would buy 500lb of product from her at a time, if she would give me a discount.  What she said next, changed my course of thinking.  She said, well, if you want that amount of product, why don’t you become a distributor??  I remember being dumbfounded and not having any idea what she was talking about.  She said she would pass my info onto Oma’s.  The next day Camlyn called me and we discussed what a distributor is.  WELL, over the course of the next 5 years, we went from a 500lb order to about 5,000lb per month being distributed all over Western Montana and Bozeman!  We were able to help so many people’s pets with such a wide array of problems and it was amazing to see how a proper diet can resolve so many issues in their lives.

Oma’s Pride carries a wide variety of products from the convenience of pre-made mixes to all of the pieces that you would need to customize your pet’s diet. Their treats are a single ingredient, which is something rarely seen these days. Additionally, all products are human grade, hormone/antibiotic free and USDA/FDA inspected. They are a family owned company with several generations all working together to improve their product line. With the high quality of their products, you can see why we mention them in our posts!

To learn more about Oma’s Pride products and to find a distributor in your area, go to:  www.omaspride.com


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